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On this page I have all kinds of stamp collecting stuff. I have some links to other web sites like Linns Stamp News Online. They are a really great place if you want to get some info on stamps. I also have some stamp info web pages of my own for you to visit. All of this info I have got from many stamp books and web sites. Now that it is compacted you can use it all with ease. The links are below.  

I also hope you enjoy my backround it is the inverted Jenny Error stamp. This stamp is the most known error in the United States. It sells for $100,000 Dollars. It works as a great background on your computer, if you want to set it as your wallpaper on your desktop go ahead!!! Please visit my sponsors, they're the ones that make this page possible. Alladvantage is the best, you can make money while you surf!!!

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